Complete Millikan Apparatus

Complete Millikan Aparatus

The Complete Millikan Apparatus is a great tool for measuring the elementary charge and demonstrating the quantization of charge. A high intensity LED illuminates latex spheres as they move under the influence of gravity, a constant electric field, and air resistance.

Charging an oil droplet is a difficult task for most students. Latex spheres are a good alternative since they are easier to use and charge.

A microscope, potentiometer for adjusting voltage, parallel plate, focusing light, reversing switch, an atomizing sphere, a voltmeter, and a power supply are contained in a single housing. A vernier control knob allows critical focusing of the light and a special mirror arrangement makes the spheres appear to fall down rather than up.

TEL-16120 Complete Millikan Apparatus $820.00
TEL-100704-S Latex Sphere Solution $50.00