TEL-13114SYS Hall Effect System

Close up of the Hall Effect Apparatus

The Hall Effect is the production of a potential perpendicular to the flow of current in a conductor in a magnetic field. The effect is especially interesting in semiconductors because both electrons and holes contribute to current flow and the Hall effect. The TEL-13114SYS Hall Effect System allows students to investigate the Hall effect in undoped Germanium, N-doped Germaium, and P-Doped Germanium. In addition to learning the pure science of the Hall effect, students will develop an understanding of the operating principles of common magnetic sensors, such as the Smart Magnetic Sensor. The system includes:

TEL-13114SYS2 Hall Effect System $4,144.00

TEL-13114-2 Basic Hall Effect Apparatus

This is a basic apparatus for connecting to germanium crystals on printed circuit boards (TEL-13111 - TEL-13113). One can then measure Hall potentials and conductivities at different temperatures. Includes a stem for setting up the apparatus between the pole-shoes of the transformer assembly kit, integrated adjustable constant-current source, amplifier for temperature measurement, automatic heater cut out to protect the crystal, and compensation circuit with matching and cut out functions for offset voltages.

Heater voltage: 15 V DC, 2 - 4 A
Constant-current source: 12 V DC, 40 mA
Output signals: Hall potential, temperature, voltage drop across crystal
Connections: 4 mm safety sockets
Dimensions: 150x250x50 mm│ approx.
Weight: 0.5 kg approx.
TEL-13114-2 Basic Hall Effect Apparatus $813.00

TEL-13111-2, TEL-13112-2, TEL-13113-2 Germanium Crystal on Printed Circuit Board

Close up of the Germanium Crystal on Printed Circuit Board

An interchangeable board with an undoped(TEL-13111), p-doped (TEL-13112) or n-doped (TEL-13113) germanium crystal, intended for investigating the conductivity of germanium as a function of temperature. Has contacts for transverse current, an integrated resistive heating element with temperature sensor, and a multi pin plug for connecting the circuit board to the basic Hall effect apparatus (TEL-13114).

Crystal dimensions: 20x10x1 mm│ approx.
Overall dimensions: 100x100x10 mm│ approx.
Weight: 200 g approx.
TEL-13111-2 Undoped germanium crystal $744.00
TEL-13112-2 P-doped germanium crystal $744.00
TEL-13113-2 N-doped germanium crystal $744.00

TEL-U33020 Low Voltage Power Supply


This universal power supply has a digital current and voltage display. Output voltage and output current are continuously adjustable. This supply can be used as a constant voltage source with current limiting or as a constant current source with voltage limiting.

DC output: 0 - 20 V, 0 - 5 A
Output power: 100 W
Stability under full load:
Voltage Regulated: ≤ 0.01% ▒ 5 mV
Current Regulated: ≤ 0.2% ▒ 5 mA
Residual ripple: ≤ 1 mV, 3 mA
Display: 2 x 3 digit LED
Terminals: 4 mm safety sockets
Dimensions: approx. 130x150x300 mm
Weight: approx. 4.7 kg
TEL-U33020-115 Low Voltage Power Supply $340.00