Each kit contains either a 1" diameter bismuth or yttrium pellet, 100 W resistor, a YBCO or BSCCO susceptibility probe, small square magnet, tweezers and an experiment guide.
Magnetic Susceptibility Kits
TEL-K20 Yttrium and TEL-K20B Bismuth
When a substance becomes superconducting there is an abrupt change in the magnetic susceptibility. Two kits have been developed to demonstrate this phenomena. One kit is bismuth based (BSCCO), the other kit is based on Yttrium (YBCO). The BSCCO material has 2 separate crystalline superconducting phases. The 2212 phase (Bi2Sr2CaCu2O9) has a critical temperature of around 85K. The 2223 phase (Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3O11) has a critical temperature of approximately 110K. The yttrium based material has only 1 phase and the critical temperature is around 88K.

As a material enters a superconducting state it becomes purely diamagnetic. As the diamagnetation increases the inductance of the material becomes lower. Figure 1 shows a plot of Inductance v/s Temperature for the Bismuth based material. As the temperature decreases, a sudden change in induction occurs at around 110K. At this point the bulk of the material comprised of the 2223 crystalline phase becomes superconducting. From 105K to 90K there is a leveling off as the remaining material in the 2223 crystalline become superconducting. From 90K to 85K there is another sudden decrease in the inductance as the parts of the material that are composed of the 2212 crystalline phase become superconducting.

Figure 1

The graph of the yttrium based probe is similar except there is only one phase around 88K.

Each kit contains either a 1" diameter bismuth or yttrium pellet, 100 W resistor, a YBCO or BSCCO susceptibility probe, small square magnet, tweezers and an experiment guide.

Susceptibility Probe
Accessories required:
TEL-K20 Yttrium Magnetic Susceptibility Kit $210.00
TEL-K20B Bismuth Magnetic Susceptibility Kit $260.00

TEL-CRYO Sand Cryostat
This great little device permits the experimenter to achieve a slower temperature rise during the experiment. This means there is enough time to record the measurement data more accurately. It works great for all the superconducting kits.
TEL-CRYO $40.00

Comparison Kits
Both High Temperature and Low Temperature Superconductors Included
All of the comparison kits listed below now contain, in addition to the older Yttrium-Barium-Copper-Oxide (YBCO), a new and more advanced higher temperature superconductor Bismuth-Strontium-Calcium-CopperOxide (BSCCO). With these kits you can now compare the differences between the two superconductors.

TEL 377C Advanced Superconductor Comparison Kit The Advanced Superconducting kit allows the student to demonstrate the Meissner Effect. In addition, actual laboratory experiments using both high and low temperature superconductors can be performed. The electrical resistance as a function of temperature can be precisely measured. The Critical Temperature Tc, Critical Magnetic Field Hc, and Critical Current Ic, can also be determined. This kit also allows one to demonstrate the reverse AC Josephson Effect. All of the experiments and demonstrations can be performed with both high and low temperature superconductors. A 33 page laboratory manual/instruction booklet is included.
TEL 377C $255.00


TEL 379C Complete Superconductor Comparison Kit
A new phenomenon with superconductivity has recently been discovered; that of suspension. The Meissner Effect (Levitation) cannot be used to explain the Suspension Effect in which a flux melted Y-Ba-Cu-O super-conductor can be suspended from a powerful magnet. With the Complete Superconductor Comparison Kit you can perform all of the experiments in the Advanced Superconductor Comparison Kit plus demonstrate this recently discovered phenomenon of suspension. The Superconducting Battery Kit is also included.
TEL 379C $468.00

TEL 380C Superconducting Battery Kit
The Superconducting Battery Kit mimics the U.S. Navys Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES) device, originally developed as a high energy source for star wars lasers, which today is finding application in electric power storage. This kit includes a special superconducting toroid which will store an electric current for as long as it is kept cold. Experiment guide included.
TEL 380C $228.00