Sonic Ranger Systems

This highly accurate system offers a ± 0.02 mm resolution with a PC. In the Dual Measurement System, transducers at each end of the Air Track transmit ultrasonic pulses alternately, enabling the user to track two objects independently and simultaneously. The dual transducer system avoids the unreliability of a single transducer looking for two echoes. The software displays a real-time graph of distance vs time, allowing your students to easily compare the actual motion with the screen plot. The program provides full graphing and analysis routines to use with the experimental data. Sample rate and measurement duration are adjustable. The Dual UMS includes two reflectors.

The Single Measurement System is also available for tracking the motion of a single object.

Resolution: 0.02 mm
Maximum Range: 2.5 m
Minimum Range: 15 cm
Sample Rate: 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 , 60 samples/sec
Acquisition Time: up to15 minutes
Computer Requirement: PC, Connects to computer USB port with supplied cable.
TEL-EG87 Dual Ultrasonic Measurement System $690.00
TEL-EG85 Master Ultrasonic Ranger $450.00
TEL-EG86 Slave Ultrasonic Ranger $380.00