Nuclear Counting Accessories

TEL SP38 Scintillation Probe With Stand

SPA 38 scintillation Probe with stand

The SPA 38 provides a complete detector assembly for gamma spectroscopy applications. The 38x38mm NaI(Tl) crystal includes PMT and voltage divider as an integral assembly. The probe is supplied complete with a 10-position sample stand, lead shield and cables for connecting directly to the spectrometer. Resolution is typically 7% @ 662 keV.

Component Parts:

Scintillator: 1.5" (3.8 cm) x 1" (2.5 cm) thick Na I (T1) crystal
Photo Multiple Tube: 12 pin 1.5" (3.8 cm) designed to match crystal size
Resolution: 8.5% full-width-half-maximum for CS-137 (0.662 Mev)
Shielding: 3/4" (1.90 cm) thick virgin lead surrounds crystal
Mounting: Probe stand has 10 shelf positions
Connectors: Permanently connected separate high voltage and signal cable
TEL SP38 Scintillation Probe With Stand $1,343.00

TEL SP78W Scintillation Probe With Stand

SPA 78W well detector

This well detector assembly includes a NaI(Tl) 1.75x2" crystal with 0.7x1.5" well, voltage divider, stand, lead shield and cable(s). It ideally suited for measuring tube samples and wipes using a multichannel analyzer or scintillation counter.

Scintillator: 1.75" x 2" Na I (T1) crystal with .7" x 1.5" well
Resolution: 8.5% full-width-half-maximum for CS-137 (0.662 Mev)
Shielding: 3/4" (1.90 cm) thick virgin lead surrounds crystal
Connectors: Single cable for scintillation counters or dual cables for MCA
TEL SP78W1 Well Detector with single cable $1,970.00
TEL SP78W2 Well Detector with dual cables $1,980.00

TEL RSS-2 Resolving Time Source Set

The TEL RSS-2 Source Set

This set is used for determining the resolving time of GM Counters. It consists of three half discs, two of which contain 5 microcuries of Tl-204 plus a third half disc with no activity. The count-rate of each half disc plus the blank (to maintain constant geometry) is measured and then both active half discs are combined for a measurement with high count-rate. The counting loss may now be calculated by adding the rates from each half disc and comparing the result to the count-rate with both halves combined.

TEL RSS-2 $120.00

TEL RSS-3 Source Set

The TEL RSS-3 Source Set

A set of 3 sources; 1 alpha (PO-210-S), 1 beta (Sr-90-S) and 1 gamma (Co-60-S). All 3 are exempt quantities.

TEL RSS-3 $170.00

TEL RSS-5 Source Set

The TEL RSS-5 Source Set

A set of 5 sources: Polonium-210, 0.1 µ Ci; Cesium-137, 5 µ Ci; Sr-900, 0.1 µ Ci; TI-204,1 µ Ci; CO-60, 1 µ Ci.

TEL RSS-5 $280.00

TEL RSS-8 Source Set

RSS8 source set

A set of 8 sources including one each of Co-57, Na-22, Cs-137, Co-60, Mn-54, Cd-109, Ba-133 and an unknown mixture of two nuclides. All are exempt quantities.

TEL RSS-8 Source Set $440.00

TEL RAS20 Absorber Set

The TEL RAS20 Absorber set

This is a complete absorber set. It has 20 calibrated absorbers ranging from 5mg/cm2 to 7200 mg/cm2 for use with α, β and γ attenuation studies. Absorbers are made from plastic, aluminum and lead.

TEL RAS20 $180.00

GP 35 Geiger-Mueller tube assembly

The GP 35 Geiger-Mueller tube assembly

A complete detector assembly utilizing a 35mm diameter end windowed GM tube for Alpha Beta Gamma detection. The plastic stand includes a sample tray and features 10-slots with 1cm spacing for performing inverse square law experiments and holding radiation absorbers.

The GM probe is readily removed from the stand for safe storage, hand-held applications or replacement.


GP 35 Geiger-Mueller tube assembly $365.00

GM Tubes

These are general purpose GM Tubes. They are good for counting α, β and γ radiation. Tubes have thin end window construction.

Window Mica Window
Operating Voltage 900V Operation, plateau ≤ 150V
Dead Time 150 µ S 200 µ S
Connector BNC cable (Detachable)
Dimensions 4.1" long x 1" OD 4.5" long x 1" OD
Stand 10 Position shelf, Removable Tube
Price $235.00 $220.00

LM 5: Nuclear Science experiments manual

Supplied on CD as a replacement for the outdated LM-1 and LM-2, these new manuals have been developed for use with Spectrum Techniques GM counting equipment. Included are sample data and software for creating graph paper.

Experiments Include

LM 5: Nuclear Science experiments manual $50.00

BNC cables

BNC/BNC connectors with RG-58 cable for scintillation and GM detectors.

BNC-3 three foot BNC cable
BNC-6 six foot BNC cable $20.00

MHV cables

MHV/MHV connectors. High voltage cable for scintillation detectors.

MHV-6 six foot MHV cable $50.00

Serial Cables

RS-232 serial cable for connecting ST150 PC or Mac. DB9-F/DB-9F

SDL-6P six foot serial cable for PC $20.00
SDL-6M six foot serial cable for Mac $35.00

USB Cables

USB cable for connecting UCS-20, ST360 and ST370 to PC or Mac

USB-6 six foot USB cable $18.00