TEL ICS-1KPCI-S Advanced Spectroscopy System

TEL-ICSPCI Integrated Computer Spectrometer

The Advanced Spectroscopy System for PC includes the ICS-1KPCI Interface Card, SP38 Scintillation Probe, RSS-8 Source set, experimental manual (on CD), complete documentation, and all connecting cables and software.

TEL ICS-1KPCI-S $4183.00

TEL-ICSPCI Integrated Computer Spectrometer

The TEL-ICSPCI INTEGRATED COMPUTER SPECTROMETER, is a PCI interface card 9.5 inches in length, which is an advanced, easy-to-use MultiChannel Analyzer constructed on a PCI plug-in card designed for installation on most PC's.  The card is available in 1024, 2048 and 4096 channel versions.  Advanced features include the control of the amplifier and the photo multiplier tube high voltage, both upper and lower level discriminators as well as the course and fine gain. On-Card data memory, software for Windows 98 or higher, the ability to use this card with other detector systems such as HpGe, alpha spectrometers or photon detectors with external amplifiers and the built in high voltage supply for photo multiplier tubes make this a versatile card. In addition, computer controlled input selectors are provided to bypass the scintillation amplifier and allow direct access to the ADC or MCS input.  An optional sub-panel (TEL-ICSPCIOPT -- $70) is available to gain access to Gate input, MSB output for Mossbauer control and custom control signals.

Stability and low noise operation is achieved by regenerating critical power on the card through the use of a high efficiency converter powered from the computer. An on-board microprocessor controls storage device and the communication link to the PC bus. The on-board amplifier and high voltage is fully compatible with standard scintillation detectors.

A high speed 6Ásec. ADC offers excellent data throughput at high counting rates with minimal dead-time losses.  Conversion gain may be changed via the software.  Data from the ADC is stored directly in on-board memory for autonomy and high speed operation, freeing the host PC for other tasks.

A single standard card slot is required for the ICS-PCI. It has been designed for installation in IBM compatible computers with a minimum of 512K Ram and EGA or VGA graphics.

To aid in the identification of nuclides, the ICS-PCI contains a unique peak labeling feature named ISOMATCH. Providing the unit is accurately energy calibrated, the user may select a nuclide from the library and the corresponding characteristic emission lines are superimposed on the spectrum along with isotope and energy information.  Using this feature, users may quickly check a spectrum and visually identify the emission components for each nuclide present.

TEL ICS-PCI Specifications

TEL ICS-1KPCI (1024 Channel card & software) $2,400.00
TEL ICS-2KPCI (2048 Channel card & software) $2,620.00
TEL ICS-4KPCI (4096 Channel card & software) $2,980.00

TEL SP38 Scintillation Probe With Stand

SPA 38 scintillation Probe with stand

The SPA 38 provides a complete detector assembly for gamma spectroscopy applications. The 38x38mm NaI(Tl) crystal includes PMT and voltage divider as an integral assembly. The probe is supplied complete with a 10-position sample stand, lead shield and cables for connecting directly to the spectrometer. Resolution is typically 7% @ 662 keV.

Component Parts:

Scintillator: 1.5" (3.8 cm) x 1" (2.5 cm) thick Na I (T1) crystal
Photo Multiple Tube: 12 pin 1.5" (3.8 cm) designed to match crystal size
Resolution: 8.5% full-width-half-maximum for CS-137 (0.662 Mev)
Shielding: 3/4" (1.90 cm) thick virgin lead surrounds crystal
Mounting: Probe stand has 10 shelf positions
Connectors: Permanently connected separate high voltage and signal cable
TEL SP38 Scintillation Probe With Stand $1,343.00

TEL RSS-8 Source Set

RSS8 source set

A set of 8 sources including one each of Co-57, Na-22, Cs-137, Co-60, Mn-54, Cd-109, Ba-133 and an unknown mixture of two nuclides. All are exempt quantities.

TEL RSS-8 Source Set $440.00