TEL ST160S Basic Geiger-Mueller Lab System

TEL-ST160S Basic GM Lab System

The Basic Geiger-Mueller Laboratory System can be used by students to explore and gain an understanding of radiation shielding, inverse square law, half-life, radioactive dating and more. This system is designed for high school or college nuclear lab courses.


TEL ST160S Basic GM Lab System

TEL ST250S Introductory Geiger-Mueller Lab System

The TEL ST250S Introductory GM Lab System

With the Introductory Geiger-Mueller Lab System your students can perform many radiation experiments.


TEL ST260S Introductory GM Lab System $1,310.00

TEL ST360S Intermediate Nuclear Lab System

The TEL ST360S Intermediate Nuclear Lab System

The Intermediate GM System lets your students perform more in-depth experiments. Complete computer control of both data acquisition and the ST360 are available via the USB or serial ports. The software provided allows real time data collection with automatic transfer to a spreadsheet file. Since you have complete computer control of data collection rates as well as the Geiger-Mueller Counter, you can create your own experiments. Through the spreadsheet functions, you can analyze data, set up and plot graphs and print a hard copy of the screen. In addition, the computer screen displays of all the ST360 functions including analog emulation of the ratemeter mode.


TEL ST360S Intermediate Nuclear Lab System