Advanced Spectroscopy System for USB

The UCS30 system

The Advanced Spectroscopy System for USB includes the TEL-UCS30 Universal Computer Spectrometer with software, TEL-SP38 complete scintillation probe with stand, base and cable, TEL-RSS8 set of 8 radioactive sources including an "unknown", and the "Experiments in Gamma Spectroscopy" manual (on CD).


TEL-UCS30 Universal Computer Spectrometer

Designed as a direct replacement for the popular model UCS20, the UCS30 nuclear spectrometer offers many enhancements and additional features for increased flexibility.

USB connectivity provides plug and play operation with most of computers running Windows 2000 or XP. Three models are available with 1024, 2048 and 4096 channels of conversion gain.

The internal preamplifier allows direct connection to scintillation detectors. The bipolar amplifier includes polarity selection and multiple shaping times when using different types of detectors with external preamplifiers. Upper and lower level discriminators may be set for rejection of unwanted signals.

The front pannel of the UCS 30

The high voltage supply is rated to +2000V for use with scintillation or proportional detectors. Optional polarity selection is available for use with detectors requiring negative bias. A preamplifier power connector is included for use with our model PA-1 external preamplifier.

A 10µsec fixed conversion ADC allows high throughput with deadtime correction. Input selection for preamplifier, amplifier or ADC direct is included by computer control.

In addition to the normal pulse height analysis mode the UCS30 may be operated as a multichannel scaler for time correlated studies such as half-life decay. A special Mossbauer mode is included with MSB output for synchronization of the drive circuit.

X-ray mapping may be performed with the optional ROI output.

For ease of setup a autocalibrate mode is provided that automatically sets the HV and amplifier gain to 1 keV/ channel using a Cs-137 source. Once the system is calibrated all parameters may be saved as setup files for quick recall of specific measurements.

The back pannel of the UCS-30

Data may be saved as binary files for reloading into memory or as spreadsheet compatible files for data processing.

A background buffer is included for storing a spectrum when background subtraction, factional spectrum stripping or overlay is required. Multiple ROI’s may be set with calculation of gross and net area. Presets include Real Time, Live Time and ROI Integral.

Isomatch includes a text editable library of common isotopes. When loaded, markers are placed on the display at the positions of the isotope energies to aid in identification.

Multiple UCS30’s may be connected to a single computer providing USB ports are available.

The internal power supply is UL, CE and CSA listed for operation worldwide

Warranty is one year parts and labor, return to factory.

UCS-30 Specifications

TEL-UCS30-1K (Spectrometer w/ software only)
1024 Channel card & software
TEL-UCS30-2K (Spectrometer w/ software only)
2048 Channel card & software
TEL-UCS30-4K (Spectrometer w/ software only)
4096 Channel card & software

TEL SP38 Scintillation Probe With Stand

SPA 38 scintillation Probe with stand

The SPA 38 provides a complete detector assembly for gamma spectroscopy applications. The 38x38mm NaI(Tl) crystal includes PMT and voltage divider as an integral assembly. The probe is supplied complete with a 10-position sample stand, lead shield and cables for connecting directly to the spectrometer. Resolution is typically 7% @ 662 keV.

Component Parts:

Scintillator: 1.5" (3.8 cm) x 1" (2.5 cm) thick Na I (T1) crystal
Photo Multiple Tube: 12 pin 1.5" (3.8 cm) designed to match crystal size
Resolution: 8.5% full-width-half-maximum for CS-137 (0.662 Mev)
Shielding: 3/4" (1.90 cm) thick virgin lead surrounds crystal
Mounting: Probe stand has 10 shelf positions
Connectors: Permanently connected separate high voltage and signal cable
TEL SP38 Scintillation Probe With Stand $1,343.00

TEL RSS-8 Source Set

RSS8 source set

A set of 8 sources including one each of Co-57, Na-22, Cs-137, Co-60, Mn-54, Cd-109, Ba-133 and an unknown mixture of two nuclides. All are exempt quantities.

TEL RSS-8 Source Set $440.00