TEL-B8H82993 Speed of Light Apparatus


The apparatus consists of a transmitter and receiver, two Frensel lenses with holders, a mirror, plug-top power supply, all connecting leads and instruction booklet.

A double-beam oscilloscope is required which has an external trigger, a bandwidth of at least 20MHz and time-base with a resolution of 20ns per division such as the GOS-620 (analog) or the GRS-6032A (digital).

The transmitter contains a high intensity LED pulsed at 1MHz and provides a synchronisation pulse to the ext.sync sockets of the oscilloscope. The light pulse travels are displayed as Y1 on the oscilloscope. The light pulses travel to the receiver, where its signal is displayed as Y2. The experiment is performed twice, once with the transmitter and receiver directly aligned 1 meter apart, the second time with the pulses travelling across the laboratory to the mirror and being reflected back.

By measuring the difference in the position of the Y2 trace in the two cases the time (typically 0.1s) for the return journey across the laboratory (typically 30m) the speed of light can be calculated. Kit

TEL-B8H82993 Speed of Light Apparatus $1995.00