Intrinsic Angular Momentum or Spin is a basic property of nuclei and electrons. Although Spin cannot be measured directly, the magnetic dipole moment is closely related and can be observed.

Experimental Examples
System Specifications
An electron or proton placed in a magnetic filed will have its magnetic dipole aligned in the direction of or opposed to the field direction. The energy difference between these two states is hf. A second (oscillating) magnetic field exactly equal to the energy difference hf between these two states and at right angles to it, disturb the orienting field so the electron or proton absorbs energy. By photon emission the electron or proton returns to its lower energy state. This well defined frequency- field combination at which absorption occurs results in an impedance change in an oscillating circuit that can be observed.
  • Measure NMR/ESR line width
  • Determine g factor
  • Study line shape
  • Accurate determination of Earthís magnetic field
  • Computer controlled
  • NMR/ESR samples provided
  • Operation/Experimental manual

ESR is observed in the provided different samples or in samples made up by the user. The probehead, which is connected to the control unit, is inserted into a Helmholtz coil, as illustrated below.

A resonance peak can be recorded at different frequencies for the 2 different samples provided.

The protonís larger mass requires a stronger magnetic field than the Helmholtz coils used with the ESR samples. The same probe head can be inserted into the much stronger electromagnet, also arranged in a Helmholtz configuration. The unit can then be tuned to produce a resonance signal for the provided NMR samples or samples made up by the user. NMR Spectra from some of the provided samples shows both hydrogen and fluorine resonance.

The TEL cws1250 NMR/ESR unit needs no additional accessories. The software for controlling the program is included. Since the unit itself connects to the computer no additional equipment such as an oscilloscope or computer interface is required.

The software allows complete computer control of all parameters, provides for a cursor read out of the data as well as the ability to zoom in on a region of interest. Experimental parameters are selected in a set-up page that can be saved for future data acquisition. A further processing page allows the user to process the data. One can integrate the 1st derivative to obtain an absorption line. The absorption line can be integrated within limits set by the user. In addition calculations of the 2nd and 4th moment can be performed. The line width of the 1st derivative or absorption line can also be calculated. This data can then be saved, exported or printed.

Data can be accumulated in a single run or in several runs thus providing a better signal-noise ratio for weak signals.

The user can vary the magnetic field and frequency of a sweep, adjust the receiver gain and the phase of the detector reference signal, and select the time for a single sweep. Data can be acquired in one or over a number of sweeps. The user can choose to display on the screen the last 5 sweeps in different colors.

An Operations/Experimental manual on CD gives detailed instructions on how to use the software as well as providing directions for performing several NMR/ESR Experiments.

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TEL cws 12-50 Advanced NMR/ESR System
The complete system includes the cws 12-50 control unit, electromagnet, Helmholtz coils, probehead, NMR/ESR samples, a CD which includes both the software and an 80 page Operations/ Experimental manual (in PDF format), as well as all connecting cables.

TEL cws 12-50 Advanced NMR/ESR System

TEL cws 12-50 manual download

Hard copy of the cws 12-50 Advanced NMR/ESR Manual
A printed version of the Experimental/Operations manual is available. This 80-page Manual is contained in a sturdy 3-ring binder.

TEL cws 12-50 Manual $59.00

The TeslaMeter 2000 comes with complete operating instructions, a transverse probe, and a longitudinal probe. The Zero Gauss Chamber and software are also included.

TEL-SMS111U $915.00