Combination Pulsed NMR and cw NMR/ESR System

PS-15 Pulsed NMR

cws 12-50 CW NMR/ESR

The TEL-NMR/3 Combination CW/pulsed NMR and ESR System is an ideal solution for teaching magnetic resonances phenomena. With the cws 12-50, students can learn the basics of NMR in a relatively simple format. Once students are comfortable with the basic phenomenon, they can use the PS-15 to investigate in more depth. TEL-Atomic is dedicated to providing excellent instruments to universities worldwide, which is why we offer two separate units optimized respectively for performing pulsed and CW NMR.

Both units are completely computer controlled and feature adjustable frequency and adjustable phase sensitive quadrature detectors. The cws 12-50 can be operated in field sweep or frequency sweep modes. In addition, the 2nd Modulation amplitude, field strength and sweep time are adjustable. The PS-15 offers even more opportunities for adjustment. The pulse frequency, length and attenuation are adjustable, and 16 pulse sequences are available. Additional sequences are provided if requested! The receiver bandwidth is adjustable, enabling noise to be eliminated for liquid samples, or for the short decay of solid samples to be captured. In short, students can gain familiarity with all important aspects of NMR.

The TEL-NMR/3 Combination CW/pulsed NMR and ESR System is easy to set up, and the included manuals offer both operational and theoretical information. For instructors who are not experts in NMR, setting up an experiment will still be easy. In addition, the wide variety of pulses available and the option to adjust nearly every parameter allows the PS-15 to be used in investigations of the instructor or students own choosing.

TEL-PS15 Pulsed Spectrometer $15,999.00
TEL-cws 12-50 cw NMR/ESR Spectrometer $5,379.00

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TEL-NMR/3 Combination cw/Pulsed NMR and ESR System $17,678.00