Picture of the TEL-8481350 Training Oscilloscope

Training Oscilloscope

For investigating the design and operation of a cathode-ray tube. The electron beam can be deflected by an electric field produced by the deflection plates integrated into the tube, and by a magnetic field from three external coils mounted on a ring. A Wehnelt cylinder is used to focus the beam. A gas filling and fluorescent screen make it possible to observe the beam in the tube. A continuously adjustable saw-tooth generator can be used to analyze and visualize time-dependent processes. The device comes with a socket and printed wiring scheme.

Anode voltage: 250 to 400 V DC
Anode current: 1mA
Filament voltage: 6 to 8 V AC or DC
Filament current: 0.3A
Wehnelt voltage: 0 to 50 V DC
Deflection plate dimensions: 12x20 mm
Plate spacing: 12 mm
Electric deflection sensetivity: 0.2mm/V
Screen diameter: 100 mm
TEL-8481350 Training Oscilloscope $1,297.00

Required Accessories

Function Generator such as the TEL-SK3000
500V power supply such as the TEL-33000
low voltage power supply included in the TEL-33000