TEL 25819 TEL-X-Ometer® With Tube


The Tel-X-Ometer x-ray machine and accessories have been designed specifically for use in teaching physics. Over thirty separate x-ray experiments (which begin with basic concepts of x-ray through complex experiments) are included in the laboratory manual provided with each system.

The Tel-X-Ometer is a spectrometer which can easily be adapted to become:

  1. A Broad Beam of X-rays for analysis of the General Properties of X-rays.
  2. A Single Bragg Diffractometer having a scale accuracy of 5 minutes of arc.
  3. A Powder Camera for Debye/Scherrer experiments to an accuracy of 30 minutes of arc.
  4. A fluorescent Radiation Emitter for a study of the Moseley Theory that every element is characterized by its Atomic Number.
  5. An Experimental region for the mounting of innovative studies of the teacherís choice.

The x-ray machine can be carried easily by one person and set up on a laboratory table with all accessories conveniently at hand. Calibrations and scales on the x-ray machine and accessories are clear and easy to read, even when teaching to a group of students around the table. The TEL-X-Ometer now comes with the TEL-X-Driver which allows the unit to be controlled with a computer.

We have built user safety into each machine through a number of safety switches and protective x-ray absorbing shields. Safety switches prevent operation if all covers are not closed and in the operating position. In addition, a keyed master switch gives the instructor complete control over the machineís operation.

Choose one of our three TEL-X-Ometer Systems to get all of the accessories to perform a series of experiments. You may also put together an individualized system by starting with the basic x-ray machine and x-ray tube and adding accessories. The Tel-X-Ometer x-ray machine and accessory components are individually priced and can be purchased separately.

Refurbished TEL-X-Ometers in excellent condition are also availabe. All systems come with a 1 year warranty.

TEL 2580M